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DJ Ricoveli

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As a DJ, I’m known for not just playing music, but providing an ENERGY and EXPERIENCE like no other. With technology today, I know how easily one could access the Top 100 Charts by simply subscribing to Apple Music or Spotify, so I always make sure that I play a wider variety of music that ranges far beyond what you’re likely to hear on the radio everyday. I built my reputation starting within the AUC, spinning at house parties and smaller campus events for the freshman class. My music taste has always been exquisite, complemented by my swift ability to blend and transition the vibes. I learned quickly that within the melting pot of Atlanta, you had to know how to become diverse in terms of the demographic regions that you represented in your mix.

For example, I had to learn more about the preferences of the Mid-West and West Coast, as well as the more northern regions such as New York, not to mention showing love to the islands. Being able to effectively move the party from one region’s music to another, without losing your overall vibe, is important. Throughout my growth as a DJ, I am mostly proud of my unexpected growth within such a short period of time. Working with corporate names such as Puma and UnderArmor was something that I certainly did not fathom to happen a year ago, but has surely inspired me to expand even more moving forward.

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