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Dre’Shawn Spearman (aka DJ Ricoveli), 20, is a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina and a current Junior, Sociology student at the illustrious Morehouse College — pursuing a career in Higher Education. Dre’Shawn is popularly known around the Atlanta University Center for his abilities to entertain an audience with his swift music selection and crowd control, but has been simultaneously labeled a hometown hero for his ongoing commitment to serving the community.


As a high school senior, Dre’Shawn served as the Student Body President of E.E. Smith High School, and was named the 2017 Disney Dreamer of the Year while attending the 10th annual Disney Dreamers Academy, sponsored by Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine. This award is granted each year to one student out of the 100 in attendance, who best displayed the 4 C’s of Walt Disney — Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, and Constancy. As a result of this esteemed honor, Dre’Shawn was later named an Honorary Member of the Fayetteville Police Department, and began to serve as a Youth Motivational Speaker and an advocate for youth success. With this platform, Dre’Shawn was provided with opportunities to engage youth at schools all across the city, until his departure to his dream school, Morehouse College, where he had acquired over $139,000 in scholarship funds to attend.    


As a first-generation freshman in college, he quickly began to endure the reality of the college struggle. Being two states away from home, Dre’Shawn had to develop a strategy to maintain his financial capacity as an independent student. Combining both his love for people and his passion for music, Dre’Shawn began to DJ and Host events throughout the college atmosphere as “DJ Ricoveli”.