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Detroit Style Spudz


 Frequently Asked Questions



Food Allergy Advisory:  

Please make us aware of any food allergies that you may have in the special comments box.  Therefore we can accommodate the meal and prepare your potato accordingly. 

How big are your potatoes?

We categorize our potatoes as Jumbo potatoes.  Therefore you are literally getting two potatoes in one. You could share a potato with a friend or eat half now and save the rest for later.😜


How do I place my order?

Online orders can be made in advance each Monday through Friday by 12pm.  Your potatoes will be delivered on the following Saturday.  Your preselected pick up location dictates the time of delivery.  You must select the location most convenient for you before completing the order.  


How do I pick up my order?

Your potato will be available on Saturday of the same week that you place your order.  Your selected pickup location dictates the time of delivery.  It's required that you specify your pick up location upon placing your order.  


What happens if I fail to pick up my potato at the designated pick up location?

If you miss your pick up, you have to arrange to pick up your potato at one of our other pick up locations. Sorry but there are no refunds. 


Why do you need my cell phone and email address?

We will use text messages and emails as our main form of communication on delivery day.  We will send out a reminder text an hour before your scheduled pick up time.  If need be we will also give you a call to validate that you are still able to pick up your delivery in the case that you miss your pick up.

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